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GlobalTime red 6 digit black plastic, single/double sided (GTD368-6SR3-4/DR3-5) PoE Clock

This clock has 100mm high digits and is visible at 30 metres, warranty is 12 months with MTBF of 50,000 hours or in excess of 5 years. Clock configuration is set by a small windows executable either individually or in bulk.

6 digits allows for hours minutes and seconds with a choice of 3″ OR 4″ seconds, hours and minutes are 100mm or 4″ high.

Digit colours available REDGREENAMBERBLUE

  • Time is automatically set by SNTP (Simple Network Time Protocol)
  • Power over Ethernet (POE)- utilizes the same technology as IP phones (AC Adapter available)
  • DHCP or Static IP addressing
  • Display time in 12 or 24 hr format
  • 4 settings for LED brightness (this also provides for reduced power consumption) as well as scheduled settings for display power off/on
  • Firmware update via management software.
  • International time zones, daylight saving time, time server configuration available
  • Certification: CE / FCC /RoHS

GTD368-6DR3PoE technology describes a system to pass electrical power safely, along with data, on the Ethernet cabling. Given a single ethernet cable, a PoE switch provides both data and power, thus eliminating the need for a nearby power outlet.

Dimensions – 427mm × 157mm × 60mm (SINGLE sided), 427mm × 157mm × 80mm (DOUBLE sided)

Weight – 0.9kg Single Sided, 1.55kg Double Sided

Price (AUD) FROM $550.00 Ex GST  Single Sided 3″ or 4″ seconds

Price (AUD) FROM $650.00 Ex GST  DOUBLE Sided 3″ or 4″ seconds