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Time is vitally important for a wide range of industries and organisations, but keeping accurate time and ensuring it is synchronised across an entire workplace or facility isn’t always easy.

When it comes to accurate workplace timekeeping, network time clocks are an excellent idea, as they provide perfect time synchronisation throughout an entire location. The analogue IP clocks and network digital clocks we offer at Synchronised Time Australia synchronise with a single specific time server and maintain millisecond accuracy workplace-wide. They also automatically adjust for Daylight Saving Time and do not require constant manual adjustment, which saves a great deal of time and cuts down on labour costs.

Our timekeeping solutions are the ideal choice for emergency service providers, hospitals, schools, industrial concerns and any other entity for whom accurate time is a major concern. We are proud to provide our clients with 100% genuine GlobalTime products, which provide an industry-standard level of accuracy and reliability. Our product range includes solutions that use Power over Ethernet technology for reduced electricity consumption, as well as products utilising the SNTP system to automatically set their own times across the network.

When you buy a NTP clock online from our Synchronised Time Australia range, you are sure to have full access to our extensive customer service suite. From the easy provision of vital firmware updates to extensive discussion and advice regarding integrating our NTP digital and analogue time clocks into your existing network, we have it all covered. Take a look at our product selection above.