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Synchronised Time 18″ digit Clock/Count Down & Up Maxi Display

These displays have many applications from general business to schools and sporting arenas. They are completely accurate due to GPS time synchronisation and accurately display current temperature if required. The LED display automatically adjusts it brightness for the ambient light present. This display can Count Down or Up as directed by the long range RF controller

** This display requires 1 x Standard Australian 240 Volt AC Outlet **

** Each number segment is composed of 4 rows of LED lights **

Product Specification:RF Remote Control

  • 6-Digit 7-Segment Numeric, actual digit height is 18 inch or 457.2mm
  • Number Display Format: 88:88:88
  • Housing Dimension: W:1840mm D:100mm H:560mm
  • Application: Outdoor Use
  • Display color: Red, Amber Green
  • Function: count up/down timer
  • GPS control included
  • RF Controller for time adjustment, configuration and Count Down/Up
  • Net Weight 38 kg

General Features:

  • Available in 4 ,5, 6 digits formatSynctimeaus Maxi 18 inch display (temp)
  • Available size from 5 inch to 24 inch in height
  • User can specify Time displays in 12 /or 24 hour format
  • User can specify the temperature displays in Fahrenheit and/or Centigrade
  • LED Viewing Angle: 100°
  • UV Resistant Protective PC material Face
  • Warranty: One-year factory warranty
  • Four signs can be connected together and synchronized.
  • An optical sensor enables the LEDs to automatically dim at dusk and automatically brighten at dawn. The user may specify the dimming percentage.
  • The user may specify the hold time for showing time and temperature from 1-30 seconds for each display screen.
  • Super-bright, daylight-visible LEDs provide over 100,000 hours of continuous operation, significantly outlasting comparable incandescent lamps.
  • The display is energy-efficient and easy to operate, install and service.
  • GPS time and temperature is available.
  • Count up and count down function

Price From $1,729.70 ex GST