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Schweitzer Engineering Labs – SEL-2488 Enterprise NTP, PTP, IRIG-B Server









Figure 1 Functional Diagram

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The SEL-2488 raises the bar for satellite-synchronised
clocks by providing higher levels of accuracy, flexibility,
dependability, and ease of use, all while providing
advanced capabilities that make it especially well suited
for critical infrastructure applications.
Standard Features
➤ Average accuracy of ±40 ns to UTC, peak accuracy
of ±100 ns to UTC for demodulated IRIG-B and
pulse outputs
➤ Time sources used: GPS, GLONASS for satellite
signal verification
➤ Typical NTP time-stamp accuracy <100 μs
➤ Peak PTP time-stamp accuracy of ±100 ns to UTC
➤ Peak accuracy of ±1 μs to UTC for modulated
➤ Standard TCXO holdover with 36 μs average timing
error after 24 hours at constant temperature

➤ Optional OCXO holdover with 5 μs average timing
error after 24 hours at constant temperature
➤ Eight rear BNC ports for demodulated IRIG-B,
PPS, or kPPS, and as many as four ports for modulated
➤ Four Ethernet ports can serve NTPv4 and PTP to
four independent networks
➤ One Form A solid-state contact output can provide
a single contact closure or a repeating contact closure
of configurable closure duration and period
➤ One Form C mechanical alarm contact notifies
users of a major or minor event
➤ One standard power supply: 24–48 Vdc or
125–250 Vdc or Vac, optional second supply
➤ Satellite signal verification with SEL-9524B 
➤ LCD multi-information display plus LEDs for status
➤ HTTPS Web interface with SkyView, support for
DHCP, LDAP, Syslog, SNMP read and traps, and
ACSELERATOR QuickSet® SEL-5030 Software
Standard SEL 10-year warranty

Supplied With Complete Antenna Installation Kit: This includes –

GPS/GLONASS Antenna (SEL-9524B)

15.15 Metres / 50ft LMR-400 cable (SEL-C961-050)

Gas Tube Coaxial Surge Protector and Mounting Kit (915900139)

7.58 Metres /25ft LMR-400 cable (SELC961-025)

Antenna Pipe-Mounting Kit (915900043)

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** 2 (WEEKS) weeks lead time for dispatch from SEL US as at THURSDAY 4th APRIL 2024