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Downloads –

GlobalTime Clock Client Software –

(1) Early first release GlobalTime Clock management software – Clock_Client.exe (typically Wide cable LED face)

(2) NTPClock_3.2.20

(3) GTD366 Software (ClockSniffer_4.02) and Firmware for GTD366 Time / Calendar Clocks – up to 6/11/18

– (Associated firmware when applied to the GTD366 addresses periodic spontaneous reboot and very sporadic corruption of the dot matrix Display – Access to the GTD366 is then via ClockSniffer_4.02 software)

(4) GTD366 Software (ClockSniffer_4.02) ONLY – up to 6/11/18

(5) ALL GlobalTime Clock Management Software AFTER 6/11/18 (ClockSniffer)

(6) Firmware to update ALL GlobalTime clocks shipped prior to 6/11/18 to enable use of ClockSniffer.exe

(7) ** NEW ** – LATEST ClockSniffer V4.1.91 as at 6th January 2022 – ALL GlobalTime Clock Management Software, PASSWORD Required to access –

(8) ** NEW ** – RGB Technology Clock Detection Software – RGB-Devicer-2.zip

(9) WIFI Strength Utility – wifistrength.zip

(10) BRG Precision Display IP address Finder – Finder.zip

(11) BRG Precision Digital Clock Control Program – BRGDig.zip (Includes BRG Time Zone User Guide)

(12) BRG Mega Tiger Manual.pdf – A complete listing of ALL clock parameters for configuration.

(13) NTPTOOL – NTPTool is a simple Windows utility that can be pointed at a time server and used to query the current time using the NTP protocol. Simply enter the IP address of the server and request the information. A great tool verifying the setup of a new time server installation.