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GPS and PoE – RGB Technology

RGB Technology Dot Matrix (IP66) PoE and GPS Clocks

RGB Technology is the leading Polish manufacturer of LED displays. The base of the company and its production plant are situated in Tymień. The company was founded in 2005 as a response to the market demand connected with the development of LED technology for outdoor applications. RGB Technology employs more than 50 people.

These displays are UNIQUE in that by virtue of their IP66 rating they are perfectly suited to outdoor (full exposure to weather), wash down areas etc. NO waterproof enclosures are required.

The dot matrix display while moving away from the common solid 7 segment LED numbers, are perfectly visible in straight sunlight to absolute darkness due to the automatic light sensor selecting a perfect level of brightness allowing absolute visibility at all times.

ZA10-L (4″/100mm 4 RED digit) From $825.00 ex GST

ZB10-L (4″/100mm 6 RED digit) From $1,006.00 ex GST

ZA20-L (8″/200mm 4 RED digit) From $1,370.00 ex GST

ZB20-L (8″/200mm 6 RED digit) From $1,630.00 ex GST

** Includes international freight, based on a SINGLE clock import, prices improve with quantity



Clocks in this series have a built-in executive relay which signalise max 30 alarms. The duration of the alarm may be set individually – from 1 second up to 59 seconds.

– turn on the industrial buzzer signaling such interruptions and changes in the workplace
– turn on school bell
– give a time signal to another device / system



For the purposes where the accuracy of indicated time is critical parameter, the automatic time synchronisation is used – available in two options:


Satellite GPS receiver (for model with suffix „–R” or „–L”)
– provide the synchronisation based on GPS satellite signals
– for proper operation need placement which allow for the “visibility” of the sky
– built-in LED diode indicating receiving signal




Synchronisation via Internet –NTP time servers (models with suffix „–L”)
– provide time synchronisation with dedicated NTP servers (free servers available)
– for proper operation the permanent connection with internet is required
– simultaneous support for ten different time servers ensures correct synchronization of clocks, even in case of loosing communication with most servers
– switching between time servers is automatic after detection of inaccuracies in the action or failure.

Any clock can be a central clock (clock master) and provide a time source for other clocks in the network as a SNTP server. The Central clock may acquire time from the GPS receiver, other public NTP server or your internal clock. This allows for a closed GPS based master/slave time system.

Clock Options