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BlueTooth and PoE – Primex

Primex Bluetooth and PoE Analogue and Digital Clock Solutions


With more than 1 million devices installed worldwide, Primex is a leading provider of time synchronisation solutions designed to help facility managers improve productivity, efficiency and accountability.  The company’s newest line of Smart-Sync™ analogue and digital clocks leverages Bluetooth® wireless technology to keep organisations across a wide range of industries running on time, all the time.

Primex Introduces New Range of Smart-Sync™ Bluetooth® Clocks

Smart-Sync™ is a self-organizing, self-forming and self-healing time synchronization clock system from Primex that harnesses the ease, flexibility and low power needs of Bluetooth® wireless technology.

One paired, clocks wake up once daily and dynamically find the strongest path back to the Smart-Sync™ Bridge, resulting in a robust Bluetooth® network of clock-to-clock and clock-to-bridge connections.  The bridge then pushes NTP-acquired time information across the network and all clocks automatically synchronise.

Clocks can be analog, digital or a combination of the two, and battery- and AC-powered options are available.  The system is highly scalable, as well; each bridge can accommodate up to 250 clocks.

Primex PoE Clocks

It’s never been easier to synchronise the time throughout your facility. OneVue Clocks are delivered pre-configured, ready to quickly access your existing network. Simply take the clocks out of the box, connect to PoE power, and hang them on the wall. The clocks will immediately access your network and synchronise perfectly to keep your organisation running on time, even through power outages or Daylight Saving Time shifts

How Primex Bluetooth works –

• Smart-Sync clocks ‘wake up’ once daily
• Clocks synchronise time via Smart-Sync Bridge this is set to refer to your preferred NTP servers via OneVue
• Clocks form a network based on the strongest signal to another clock or the Smart-Sync Bridge
• If one clock fails, other clocks will ‘find their way home’ to the strongest signal
• Smart-Sync Bridge reports clock status to OneVue and reports once daily to those specified
• OneVue accessible is via PC or mobile devices (https://console.primexonevue.com/#/login)

** Clocks require 2 x D cell batteries (Duracell Coppertop are reccomended and supplied) – approximate THREE year battery life, nominal cost to replace.

** A clever security device ‘locks’ clocks to the wall. They can only be removed with a specific knowledge of the required process.

** Bluetooth Bridge numbers vary based on the clock distribution. For example in a single floor senario as long as clocks AND one bridge are within 30 metres of each other (Bluetooth V4 has a theoretical range of 60 metres), ONLY one bridge will be required. For multiple buildings or floors ONE bridge per area is reccommended. ONE network point ONLY per bluetooth bridge.

** VERY simple deployment process, no requirement for power points or network points


From $Ask… ex GST

** Based in Traditional Series (Black Plastic Bezel)


From $Ask… ex GST

** Based in Traditional Series (Black Plastic Bezel)

From $Ask… ex GST