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Welcome to Synchronised Time Australia

Our product experience and research is strongly backed by in excess of 14 years of experience gained through the former business Global IT Services Pty Ltd this business specialised in mid to large nationally based corporate IT services for the supply of hardware, software and technical services.

Synchronised Time Australia specialises in the sourcing, import and supply of Power over Ethernet/NTP clocks and associated products. We are able to be very competitive on pricing through these practices.

Our products utilise Power over Ethernet (PoE, only one network cable connection is required per clock) AND Wireless (WIFI) technologies to allow the simplest deployment. Time and power is acquired from your network OR AC/Battery powered with wireless communications. We have many offerings that at a minimum all utilise NTP (Network Time Protocol) to ensure completely accurate time while offering benefits such as wireless and/or battery power.

We are proud to be Australian distributors for:

NEW for 2017 

Primex introduce a NEW range of BlueTooth WIFI clocks made in the US –

Click HERE for more information and pricing (2 Year Warranty, 4 Year warranty extension to 6 years available as an option).

  • (1) Primex offer an extremely innovative clock solutions in Analogue and digital utilising clocks communicating in a BlueTooth V4 mesh back to a single Bluetooth Ethernet Bridge requiring JUST ONE IP address. BT V4 offers up to 60 metres communication between clocks. NO EXISTING Wireless infrastructure is required.
  • (2) Primex ALSO offer PoE clock solutions in Analogue and digital with a VERY competitive 5 year warranty (with 4 year warranty option).

TimeMachines by CSS introduce a NEW range made in the US of –

time-machines-logoClick HERE for more information and pricing (1 Year Warranty, 2 & 3 Year warranty available as an option).

  • (1) NTP servers with fantastic features such as NTP/PTP support with OCXO crystal oscillator all at a VERY competitive price.
  • (2) And a quality affordable range of PoE and WIFI (2.4Ghz, 802.11b/g/n) Digital clocks.

RGB Technology introduce a NEW range made in Poland of –

range-and-company-name-pic  Click HERE for more information and pricing (2 Year Warranty).

  • (1) IP66 (Waterproof) 5cm, 10cm and 20cm NTP LED clocks, Standard AC power, choice of Network Connection NTP time sync (“L”) or GPS time sync with IR control (“R” – Master/Slave)
  • (2) Standard Alternate Date and Stopwatch function display, Standard built in Relay for external sounder, automatic brightness control, Optional PoE power, AIR/WATER Temperature display (made available to ALL network connetced displays), GPS time sync, IR remote, Optional Green, Blue or White LED
  • (3) Master / Slave operation with GPS time sync. One clock acts as master (has GPS time sync) ALL other clocks are slaves getting accurate time from the ‘master’ – NO NETWORK connection required.

Current Suppliers for 2017 

American Time Logo have introduced very well-priced analogue PoE AND wireless 5 year battery powered timekeeping solutions that use 1 watt compared to the typical 13 watts. American Time also provide 2.5″ and 4″ digital timekeeping solutions in 4 and 6 digits. ALL analogue and digital solutions have a 2 year warranty.

GlobalTime Logo continue to provide the best value digital PoE product range NOW supporting time/text/calendar, temperature, humidity, bell/signaler functions for staff breaks or other regular event notification, as well as a countdown function.

inova-solutions-logo continue to provide digital and analogue PoE clock systems going the extra distance and supporting DHCP options and cloud monitoring (Inova OnTime Management System) for seamless installation and ongoing operation.

Our product and technology solutions have and continue to span a diverse range of industries, schools, colleges, universities, hospitals, emergency services, small to large enterprises and corporations. We understand the importance of effective technology in businesses.

Ask us about PoE network switches for both copper and fibre network backbone AND GPS based NTP server solutions.

Please review our growing PoE clock/network solutions, as well as our analogue & digital clocks. Be assured we are completely conversant with these technologies and proudly showcase them due to their significant and tangible benefit to all areas of industry.

It’s possible that you may not find the PoE clock/network clock or device you are looking for in our range of time clocks offered in Australia. In this case, call us at 1300 85 33 21 or email us at enquiries@synctimeaus.com.au.

PLEASE call or email if you are NOT sure BEFORE you buy, we want to be completely sure you get what you want AND are totally satisfied with the purchase. Discount pricing ALSO applies for quantity purchases of our time clocks within Australia.


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